Wednesday, May 7, 2008

MIxed world

A new coloured website, Mixed World has just been launched. It will definitely go to our blogroll. This initiative follows on a flood of Coloured facebook groups, also the very popular, Bruin-ou and other blogging types like Beyond Identity. The recent one-man commedy of Stuart Taylor, Techni-coloured and others certainly affirm our observation last year on the surge of Coloured identitygroups within popular culture and in particular amongst young people. Mixed world and Bruin-ou seems to follow the same trajectory and could be coming from likeminded guys, if not the same. The website is userfriendly with bells and whistles of Web 2.0 etc, whilst the theory behind these still seem to allude to the definition of Coloured in terms of the notion of mixture, if not blood or genetics then at least in terms of culture. Bottomline is that an evident, self-assured Coloured-ness is rising to the challenge and that need to be applauded.

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