Monday, April 7, 2008

Allan Boesak still believes in reconciliation

The recent comments by Jodie Kollapen on the assumed failure of reconciliation, has sparked an intense debate, on the question whether its still relevant to speak of it. Prof Allan Boesak contends that indeed we are at a crossroads with regards to this discourse, but at a deeper level, experiencing the reality of it. In his most recent contribution in the Beeld, he deals with this crucial question. His article, incisively, grapples with the reality of today, the disillusionment with the 'new South Africa', but he goes further, by adding a faithful, hope-giving perspective on our current crisis. Indeed, our current challenges are not unique to societies in transition, in fact, it could be argued that we are doing much better then anticipated by many doomsday prophets; but the challenges remain grave and serious. This calls for people with grit and determination to remain hopeful in the quest for a society that thrive and allow her children to blossom. It requires from our public leaders to turn their conversations of despair, into a discourse of hope, of a future worth believing in.

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