Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jake and Springboks are Laureus winners, but SARU insults De Villiers

What a stinker !
Whilst the Jake White and his stars have the world at their feet, SARU is at it again. This time SARU sees it fit to offer De Villiers a contract from hell, with , amongst other draconian clauses, a salary way beneath what White received. SARU seems to get it wrong every time we ascend the world stage, which leaves one wondering about a possible third force... This is a moment in the history of rugby where they could capitalize on the successes of Jake and the boys, in taking the game to the nation, in building a bigger pool of talent and supporters. Of course, such a boost will also make the sponsors smile. But no, like so many times before, they dropped the ball.

For many, rugby still represents the sentiments of the old SA. The visionary appointment of De Villiers has set the tone for a new era, where it seemed as if the tide was turning. Finally, all of us are valued and respected for our contribution, as it should have been all the time. Now, it seems, as if the coach of colour is not equally valued, irrespective of his credentials, irrespective of whether the world and potential supporters is viewing every move in South African rugby, with keen interest. Whilst White is grandstanding with his stars, with only one (confused ?) player of colour, on the front pages representing (South) Africa, the back pages are telling a different story, a story of humiliation and injustice. It's time for SARU's officials to start stand up and some-one need to stick their neck, for goodness sake. Its time to not only to grandstand, but to put the money where the mouth is and value our best in equal measure, irrespective of whether the person is White, coloured or black.

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