Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tim Williams acting topcop, need to act now

Even though Comm Tim Williams is 'acting' National Commissioner of police, in the wake of controversal Jacky Selebi's much published 'leave', he must now take the reigns and show initiative and vision by cleaning up our police services.

This is certainly no walk in the park, but inevitable and unavoidable, as the image of our 'dieners' are in tatters. In local communities we are terrorised by druglords, who pay off cops with a drink at the 'smokkelhuis' down the road, law abiding aunties laugh at you when you call the station. They've learnt that the 'van' will come a few hours later (if ever!) and many times with the cops inebriated. How can these clowns be respected?

Of course this is a long term process, touching many levels of the system, but as a start Comm Williams should talk to the communities, denouncing corruption and ill-discipline, he should lift the embargo on crime statistics and invite and implement independant research into trends and international benchmarks. Pull in the ex-cops and soldiers, if need be. This is your time now, chief, take command of your troups and win this war...one of our most important, if not the most important.

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