Wednesday, January 16, 2008

People in Delft still waiting for court on housing-case

The matter between the community members of Delft on the one hand and Thubelisha Homes and the provincial government on the other hand has been postponed again. The Burger reports that the frustration of members of the community is rising.

The challenge of housing relates to many other social challenges that we face in our communities and the manner in which this case is handled hopefully don't indicate the priority that housing has amongst our political leadership. Lack of housing and overcrowding exacerbate the drug scourge, HIV/AIDS and the shocking conditions under which our young people have to study. By living in the 'yard' and on 'flats' impacts on their self-image and dignity- this situation is the festering sore on which gangsters and other predators thrive.

Another concern should be the danger that power hungry, politicians would want to milk this cow for political gain. This case will be followed closely as it would give indication of where the ongoing battle between homeless communities and the political and economic elites of the day stands. The court need to speed up the process so that poor and homeless communities know where they stand ( or sleep)

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