Sunday, January 6, 2008

On Gibbs, Norman Arendse and Mickey Arthur

Weird how it seems that history repeats itself, when it comes to South African sport and the process of transformation. This time its not rugby, although it seems as if another new saga is brewing on the selection of the national coach. It seems as if Jake White is throwing his weight behind Allister Coetzee, although, amongst 'the experts' it seems as if Heynecke Meyer is the better choice, with Pieter De Villiers as second in command. Anyway, this time its cricket and the same old story, where it is reported that Norman Arendse tried to 'interfere'in the team selection, seemingly undermining coach, Micky Arthur. It is reported that he wanted out of form, Hershelle Gibbs to be included instead of Arthur's choice for Neil McKenzie. His argument: Gibbs is an opener and McKenzie a middle-order batsman. The question is: why would Arendse call for Gibb's inclusion, when he knows that he is out of form ? I dont buy that. This was simply a matter of Arthur adhering to the agreed-upon protocol, not interferance. It seems however that this new story want to cast a shadow on the competency of the official in question. It further aims to overshadow the achievement of a batsman like Ashwill Prince with a painstaking, yet match-saving 98,where McKenzie did not even reached his 30s. Whilst we also applaud the 85 of our captain Greame Smith in the second innings, it should noted that the balance in the game shifted when Prince and Boucher was batting. This all familiar story is merely a reflection of mainstream media's obsession with their own anti-transformation agenda.

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