Monday, December 31, 2007

The David Kramer and Taliep Pietersensongbook

What an experience of celebration. laughter, tears and nostalgia ! Running in the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town, this production brilliantly, showcase the genius of the Kramer-Pietersen partnership. The chronicles of the slave communities in the Cape and their important contribution to the rich cultural, religious and language heritage in SA and beyond, as told, sang and danced in their musicals like 'Districk Six', 'Cat and the Kings', 'Ghoema' is pure magic. To be amongst an audience, no, to be part of this celebration amongst South-Africans with all the shades of creed or colour, from virtually all corners of the land and various classes and generations is an amazing experience. This can be enjoyed with the whole family (unlike the Joe Barber series), allthough parents or extended family should (can?) give personal background to some of the scenes. Maybe the Langa-scene (Lagunya), with the Afro's was of the few (if not only?) false notes. It felt a bit superficial, through the eyes of a Gautenger, who are enthralled by YFm and MetroFm's dance crazes, mixed from the North. (no offense Cape Town !).This is a pity,maybe an opportunity indeed emphasise the fluidity of the cultural scene in our history. The highlight, for many, most probably was, 'Dancing on my own', with black and white images of Taliep Pietersen smiling at us is the background. Overall, it was an excellent tribute to a great son of the soil, a son of Africa...a gift to the world..humble, yet great in his rootedness, Taliep Pietersen..

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