Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Conversation with extra-ordinary stalward of the struggle

Today, I had a rather ordinary conversation with an over 70 years old, stalward of the struggle. He fought alongside many of today's figureheads in government and business- the big shots. What amazed (ashamed) me, however was the commitment he still had to make a change in his community, the coloured community, without any financial rewards. He was still passsionate, concerned, enraged at the levels of crime, drug abuse and poverty that are still (tragically) endemic of our communities, but deeper still he aludes to the cancerous material greed that seems to eat away the gains of the struggle for justice and equality. In the quest for socio-economic justice, it seems to me, as I was reflecting afterwards, as if we need something more than mere crude western capitalist notions of development.... it seems as if the notions of justice, equality, prosperity, and community is somehow joined and linked together. Somewhere here lies the secret for the long term development of coloured people. What made this conversation hence extra-ordinary is the realisation that this powerfull and David Korten-(Fifth Discipline-type) insight is raised by a uncle in our own coloured community, a uncle, by his own account not well-educated, but one that found the secret to struggling proudly alongside, white, black, yellow, rich and poor for dignity and human worth... amazing !

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