Friday, January 5, 2007

BDF enters the discourse

The broad discourse on identity, development and justice raises many issues that not only concern bruin people, but also has to be conducted in a spirit and fashion that opens up space for many and varied voices. Many times the bruin voice has been muzzled-for various reasons. Zimitri Erasmus (2001) contends that the power-blind, multi-cultural readings of coloured identities or the emergent discourse of African essentialism or the denial or patholization of colouredness or even the retreat into the ethno-nationalism of the Kleurling Weerstandsbeweging are in fact not conducive to articulations of coloured identity in progressive ways. What is needed is to move beyond these limitations, contest these frames of reference and re-imagine new identities to create space that 'allows coloured identities to be part of the liberatory policial practice'. She states, ' It is only from such a place that we can begin building new relationships with fellow South Africans and finding ways in which to contribute to processes of democratization and anti-racism in SA.'(:21) It is our hope that this forum could provide that space.... for new images.


Phillip said...

Education and the system is increasingly becoming unpopular with our coloured kids.There is already a general culture of kids not concerned about their future.This is evedent after my engagement with Die Fakkel High School on the first day of the 2007 Academic year.In the Assembly coloured kids are in the minority and even lessor black kids,but our kids want to be the clowns.I ask my self is the a norm or the eception?I also realised that the current education system needs much revamp and urgently too.We Coloured leadership and Academics to Actively paticipate in this drive.If we loose the youth we loose our current future,if you understand what I mean.The school enviroment has change redically,some of just dont understand how much!Success come at a Price,was my topic,and attitude determines our destiny.My prayer is that just one attitude change amongst those coloured minority.We need more then just education at school level,it needs a Holistic approach to the chanllenges. All the best for our kids in 2007. Phillip Williams

Reggie said...

Very interesting observation Phillip! I also find that coloured children (and adults!)want to live up to the stereotype of the drunk, coloured, no-teeth, village clown (idiot)-images that served the interest of the powerfull well. The question is: what is underneath the mask ?