Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Zelda Jongbloed supports Oprah's school

In a very interesting article Zelda Jongbloed, come up for Oprah's 'elite' school, which are being attacked for supposedly only allowing only black girls at the school, in Die Burger (DB). (Back in the days we called the Burger, die Buiger). I also had the impression that we only see black girls, till I saw a few photos, where I noticed white, Indian and Bruin girls. The question is however, should we be so colour conscious ? Is this not precisely indicative of our inherent racialised genetic programming or simply testimony of how well apartheid did its job. Shouldn't we just see young needy, but also deserving girls, irrespective of colour ?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Danny Titus oor opvolgstryd in ANC

Prof Danny Titus writes an indepth commentary on the ANC's internal leaderhip battle in today's Beeld. Follow the link here and read it ! Good stuff !

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Conversation with extra-ordinary stalward of the struggle

Today, I had a rather ordinary conversation with an over 70 years old, stalward of the struggle. He fought alongside many of today's figureheads in government and business- the big shots. What amazed (ashamed) me, however was the commitment he still had to make a change in his community, the coloured community, without any financial rewards. He was still passsionate, concerned, enraged at the levels of crime, drug abuse and poverty that are still (tragically) endemic of our communities, but deeper still he aludes to the cancerous material greed that seems to eat away the gains of the struggle for justice and equality. In the quest for socio-economic justice, it seems to me, as I was reflecting afterwards, as if we need something more than mere crude western capitalist notions of development.... it seems as if the notions of justice, equality, prosperity, and community is somehow joined and linked together. Somewhere here lies the secret for the long term development of coloured people. What made this conversation hence extra-ordinary is the realisation that this powerfull and David Korten-(Fifth Discipline-type) insight is raised by a uncle in our own coloured community, a uncle, by his own account not well-educated, but one that found the secret to struggling proudly alongside, white, black, yellow, rich and poor for dignity and human worth... amazing !

Friday, January 5, 2007

BDF enters the discourse

The broad discourse on identity, development and justice raises many issues that not only concern bruin people, but also has to be conducted in a spirit and fashion that opens up space for many and varied voices. Many times the bruin voice has been muzzled-for various reasons. Zimitri Erasmus (2001) contends that the power-blind, multi-cultural readings of coloured identities or the emergent discourse of African essentialism or the denial or patholization of colouredness or even the retreat into the ethno-nationalism of the Kleurling Weerstandsbeweging are in fact not conducive to articulations of coloured identity in progressive ways. What is needed is to move beyond these limitations, contest these frames of reference and re-imagine new identities to create space that 'allows coloured identities to be part of the liberatory policial practice'. She states, ' It is only from such a place that we can begin building new relationships with fellow South Africans and finding ways in which to contribute to processes of democratization and anti-racism in SA.'(:21) It is our hope that this forum could provide that space.... for new images.